Item #67 Four Published Histories of Saint Josephs' University; - 1927, 1951, 1976, and 2000. Saint Joseph's University Press.

Four Published Histories of Saint Josephs' University; - 1927, 1951, 1976, and 2000

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Publisher: Saint Joseph's University Press
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Saint Joseph's published four institutional histories in its 160 years as Philadelphia's Jesuit University. All are very different from one another in tone, style, focus and depth. These portraits of Saint Joseph's offer fascinating and critical self-assessment by five different authors. Perhaps more importantly, they offer a window into the significant changes in culture that affected American higher education, and, particularly, Roman Catholic and Jesuit education throughout the course of the entire 20th century. Details of the four volumes are as follows:

Title: Jesuit Education in Philadelphia: St. Joseph's College 1851-1926

Author: Francis X. Talbot, S.J., Editor-in-Chief of America, 1923-44; Founding editor of Thought, 1926; and President/Rector of Loyola University, Baltimore, 1947-50.

Year published: 1927

Production details: Gold-stamped, hardcover; 146 pages; 23 b/w illustrations; 9.25 x 6.25 inches; beautifully printed on letterpress

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This volume was published to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of Saint Joseph's College/University. It begins with the arrival of the first Jesuits to Philadelphia in 1731 and the establishment of Old St. Joseph's, the first Catholic church in the city. It continues through the founding of Saint Joseph's College/University in 1851 at Old St. Joseph's Church on that same plot of land within sight of Philadelphia's Independence Hall.

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Title: The Crimson and Gray Centennial Edition, 1951

Author: Thomas J. Stokes, S.J. Professor of English at Saint Joseph's University and moderator of the SJU Crimson and Gray Literary Magazine.

Year published: 1951

Production details: Paperback; 60 pages; 158 b/w illustrations; 11 x 8.50 inches; two-color printing

Price: $10.00

This volume was published on the 100th anniversary of the university. Filled with photographs and illustrations, this commemorative issue of the university's literary magazine tells the story of the founding of Saint Joseph's in a modified magazine format. Light historical profiles touch on SJU history, student clubs and SJU families and professors.

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Title: A Family Portrait: Saint Joseph's College 1851-1976

Authors: David H. Burton and Frank Gerrity, Professors Emeriti of History at Saint Joseph's University

Year published: 1976

Production details: Gold-stamped, hardcover with original dust jackets; 76 pages; 67 b/w illustrations; 8.50 x 5.50 inches

Price: $15.00

Published on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the university, this is not a book crammed with cold facts and figures but an informal and enjoyable journey through the history of Saint Joseph's with an emphasis on the people whose values, service and accomplishments developed the institution and brought it to life.

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Title: Saint Joseph's, Philadelphia's Jesuit University: 150 Years

Author: David R. Contosta, Professor of History, Chestnut Hill College

Year published: 2000

Production details: Hardcover with dust jacket; 420 pages; 560 color and b/w illustrations; 10.75 x 9.25 inches

Price: $45.00

This volume was published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the university. In telling the story of Saint Joseph's, the author examines five intertwining and shifting forces that have shaped the university since its founding. These have been the fortunes of the Philadelphia area, the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), the Roman Catholic Church, the overall development of American higher education, and a welter of external events during fifteen decades of national and world history.

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