Item #81 The Jesuit Emblem in European Context. Peter M. Daly, G. Richard Dimler.

The Jesuit Emblem in European Context

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Place Published: Philadelphia
Publisher: Saint Joseph's University Press
Date Published: 2016
ISBN: 9780916101886
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468 pages / index / 10 ¼ x 7 ¼ in. / 23 b/w and color images

The Jesuit Emblem in the European Context sets out to understand the emblems currently known to have been written by Jesuits (at least 1,525 printed books) in the context of the production of emblems in Europe. The Introduction offers a brief account of the Society of Jesus, followed by chapters on the European Emblem, the Ratio studiorum (the flexible blueprint for Jesuit education as offered by Jesuit colleges throughout the world), Jesuit Theory of Symbology, the Major Jesuit Emblem Books, the Material Culture (everything not deriving from print), and Purposes Served by Jesuits Using Emblematic Forms. Conclusions follow, with historical information on provinces and colleges of the Society of Jesus provided in appendices.

Many scholars have considered this or that Jesuit writer, some of his works, individual colleges, and the role of emblem in Jesuit education. However, to date these investigations remain partial. This is the first comprehensive attempt ever to review what Jesuits accomplished using the emblem form.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: The European Emblem

Chapter 2: The Ratio studiorum

Chapter 3: The Jesuit Theory of Symbology

Chapter 4: The Major Jesuit Emblematic Books

Chapter 5: The Material Culture

Chapter 6: Purposes Served by Jesuits Using Emblematic Forms



Appendix 1: European Assistancies and Provinces

Appendix 2: The Assistancy of France

The Province of Aquitaine

The Province of Champagne

The Province of France

The Province of Lyons

The Province of Toulouse

Appendix 3: The Assistancy of Germany

The Province of Austria

The Province of Bohemia

The Province of Flanders-Belgium

The Province of Gallo-Belgium

The Province of the Lower Rhine

The Province of Upper Germany and Bavaria

The Province of the Upper Rhine

Appendix 4: The Assistancy of Italy

The Province of Milan

The Province of Naples

The Province of Rome

The Province of Sicily

The Province of Venice

Appendix 5: The Assistancy of Poland

The Province of Greater Poland

The Province of Lesser Poland

The Province of Lithuania

The Province of Masovia

Appendix 6: The Assistancy of Portugal

The Province of Portugal

Appendix 7: The Assistancy of Spain

The Province of Andalucia

The Province of Aragon

The Province of Castille

The Province of Sardinia

The Province of Toledo



A Note on Jesuit Institutions


Peter M. Daly is Professor Emeritus of German, at McGill University, and G. Richard Dimler, S.J., is Professor Emeritus of Emblem Studies, at Fordham University.


"This volume is a worthy addition to the useful, authoritative and wide-ranging series "Early Modern Catholicism and the Visual Arts" from Saint Joseph's University Press. It should be emphasized that this dense and rich text is less a book to read through than a marvelously compendious work of reference. It is also a splendid and useful introduction to emblematics in general, and what the whole symbolic language of work and image became in the hands of the most skilled company of pedagogues and rhetoricians in the early modern world, the Society of Jesus."

Peter Davidson (Campion Hall, Oxford University), The Way

“The book is best described as a handbook for beginners in Jesuit emblem studies, or as a thorough compendium for experienced scholars in the field. It represents the first comprehensive overview of the material and theoretical contributions of the Society of Jesus to the development of the emblem in Europe prior to 1773, and as such will find a welcome place on the reference shelves of scholars and scholarly institutions with an interest in emblem studies.”

                     Gilles Mongeau (Regis College, University of Toronto), Renaissance and Reformation


“This extensive and comprehensive compendium, written by a pair of highly experienced researchers in the field of emblematics, is based on many years of collaborative research. […] The Jesuit Emblem in the European Context is written in very readable language that displays deep knowledge of the subject. It can be read as a whole, but each of the six chapters also stands alone as an in-depth study of an aspect of Jesuit emblematics. […] The Jesuit Emblem in the European Context is something like a travel map that shows not only main routes but also little sidepaths leading to still-unexplored domains of Jesuit emblematics. This work promises an exciting journey through the world of European Jesuit emblems, where many discoveries, surprises, and findings await.”

                  Katerina Dolejsi (Czech Academy of Sciences) Emblematica: Essays in Word and Image

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