Item #92 Pierre Favre, S.J. S. J. By Pierre Emonet, Jerry Ryan, S. J. Thomas M. McCoog.

Pierre Favre, S.J.

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Place Published: Philadelphia
Publisher: Saint Joseph's University Press
Date Published: 2022
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: ISBN9780916101077
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Pierre Favre, S.J.: Tireless Apostle, by Pierre Emonet, S.J., was first published in French in 2017 by Lessius/Éditions jésuites in Belgium, and here in an English translation by Jerry Ryan and edited by Thomas M. McCoog, S.J.. Since 2013, when, shortly after his election, Pope Francis canonized Favre (1506-46), there has been a sharp uptick of interest in Favre as a historical person. Together with Francis Xavier (1506-52), Favre was the roommate of Ignatius of Loyola (1591-1556) while all three were students at the University of Paris. Subsequently, this core group founded the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). There is a dearth of material on Favre in English. Emonet’s biography is up to date with current historical scholarship, as well as based wholly on primary sources (mostly Favre's letters, which Emonet published in a modern critical edition in 2017), thus proffering a unique perspective on Favre. As a Jesuit, Favre had a peripatetic ministry crisscrossing Europe in the service of the Church during the age of the reformations. One of the most highly respected Catholic theologians of his time, Favre was dubious that the chasm between Protestants and Catholics could be bridged by controversy or debate. Rather, he emphasized the primacy of person-to-person dialogue, conversation, and friendship, believing in the importance of stressing what was held in common and not what divided. In his own day, Favre was renowned for his attractive and empathetic personality, and it is no wonder that he is a favorite of Pope Francis, who believes that our own time has much to learn from Favre about bridging division and conflict. Emonet’s biography offers an accessible introduction to Favre that will appeal to the general reader, as well as students and scholars, interested in history, religion, Jesuit Studies, Peace Studies, ecumenism, and interreligious dialogue. It is ideal for use as a text for courses in the aforementioned fields. TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface vii Introduction 1 I From Villaret to Venice, 1506-1537 5 II A Vagabond Life, 1537-1546 17 III The Integrity of a Vagabond Life 61 IV The Realism of the Incarnation 67 V The Interior Source 75 VI The Spiritual Master 83 VII The Society or “Our Way of Doing Things” 89 VIII The Reformation and the Reformers 95 IX The Grace of Friendship 103 X A Rewarding Obsession with Correspondence 113 XI Modest beyond Death 117 Conclusion 121 Notes 131 Bibliography 151 Index 157