Andrea Pozzo and the Religious Theatre of the Seventeenth Century
Andrea Pozzo and the Religious Theatre of the Seventeenth Century
Andrew Horn
Philadelphia: Saint Joseph's University Press, 2019.

x 427 pp. / index / 9 x 11 1/4 inches / 257 color images.

Andrea Pozzo and the Religious Theatre of the Seventeenth Century offers a contextual examination of the life and work of the Jesuit artist Andrea Pozzo (1642-1709), known for his large-scale works of painted perspectival illusionism.

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William J. Byron, S.J.: A Biographical Essay

ISBN 9780916101046 / 2018 / Hardcover / 139 pp. / 18 color images and b/w photographs / index / 6 x 9 inches /

The subject of this biography is the storied life and career of William J. Byron, S.J., who is currently University Professor Emeritus of Business and Society at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. A graduate of St. Joseph’s Prep and Saint Joseph’s University, Father Byron served in the U.S. Army and the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment in Germany, before entering the Society of Jesus in 1950. Ordained to the priesthood in 1961, he received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Maryland in 1967. There followed a series of significant academic, administrative, and religious posts.


The Holy Name: Art of the Gesù, Bernini and His Age

Edited by Linda Wolk-Simon, with the collaboration of Christopher M. S. Johns

ISBN 978-0- 91610-100- 8 / 2018 / hardcover / xv 639 pp. / index / 8 x 10 inches / 246 color images

The Holy Name: Art of the Gesù. Bernini and His Age is the most significant book available in any language on the Church of the Gesù in Rome—the mother church of the Society of Jesus. It is a permanent record of the landmark exhibition, mounted at the Fairfield University Art Museum (1 February – 19 May 2018), that featured artistic treasures, never before seen in the U.S., from the Gesù.


The Art of Painting in Colonial Bolivia/ El arte de la pintura en Bolivia colonial

Edited by Suzanne L. Stratton-Pruitt

ISBN 978-1-945402-31-9, 530 pages / index / 9 ¾ x 12 ¾ / 412 color images

This anthological volume is dedicated to the art of painting in pre-independence Bolivia, prompted by the belief that a compendium of handsomely photographed, full-color images will bring renewed public and scholarly attention to a rich cultural heritage that has not received its due. An ambitious round of new photography has been joined by an international roster of scholarly contributors from the United States, Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia to offer both the general reader and specialists an overview of the art of painting in the region of South America once called “Charcas” and later “Alto Perú.”


On Christian Iconography: Selections from The Art of Painting (1649)

By Francisco Pacheco

ISBN 978-0-91610-189-3, 340 pages / index / 10 x 7 in. / 123 color images

In this translation, the writings on religious painting by the Spanish painter Francisco Pacheco are for the first time made available to an English-speaking readership. The Art of Painting by Francisco Pacheco is an invaluable literary and theoretical source for the study of Spanish 17th-century painting; one of the major contributions of this book is the nine chapters, translated here, devoted to the issue of decorum in religious painting and the subject of religious iconography.


Ignatius of Loyola: Legend and Reality

By Pierre Emonet, S.J., translated by Jerry Ryan and edited by Thomas M. McCoog, S.J.

ISBN 978-1-945402-00-5, 153 pages / index / 6 ¼ x 9 ¼ in. / 15 color images

The original French edition of Ignatius of Loyola: Legend and Reality, by Pierre Emonet, S.J., was published in 2013 by Éditions Lessius in Belgium. It has since been translated into Spanish and German. Here is offered an English translation by Jerry Ryan, a freelance writer and translator of Antoine Arjakovsky, The Way: Religious Thinkers of the Russian Emigration in Paris and Their Journal, 1925-1940 (University of Notre Dame Press, 2013) and Hyacinthe Destivelle O.P., The Moscow Council (1917-1918): The Creation of the Conciliar Institutions of the Russian Orthodox Church (University of Notre Dame Press, 2015).


The Jesuits and the Popes: A Historical Sketch of Their Relationship

By John W. O’Malley, S.J.

ISBN 978-0-91610-191-6, 149 pages / index / 6 ¼ x 9 ¼ in. / 19 b/w and color images

The Jesuits are known for having an especially close relationship to the papacy. The Jesuits and the Popes traces that relationship from the earliest days of the Jesuit order until Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope. As such, it is the first book in any language to trace this full history and to analyze each phase of it as it unfolded. It covers, therefore, a history of some 450 years and does so in relatively few pages. This means that the book moves at a swift pace that pulls the reader along with it. While the book directly deals with the Jesuits and the popes, it at the same time leads readers into the larger issues of church history that determined how the Jesuits and the popes reacted to one another at any given moment.


The Jesuit Emblem in the European Context

By Peter M. Daly and G. Richard Dimler, S.J.

ISBN 978-0-91610-188-6, 468 pages / index / 10 ¼ x 7 ¼ in. / 23 b/w and color images

The Jesuit Emblem in the European Context sets out to understand the emblems currently known to have been written by Jesuits (at least 1,525 printed books) in the context of the production of emblems in Europe. The Introduction offers a brief account of the Society of Jesus, followed by chapters on the European Emblem, the Ratio studiorum (the flexible blueprint for Jesuit education as offered by Jesuit colleges throughout the world), Jesuit Theory of Symbology, the Major Jesuit Emblem Books, the Material Culture (everything not deriving from print), and Purposes Served by Jesuits Using Emblematic Forms.


The Celebrated Museum of the Roman College of the Society of Jesus: A fascimile of the 1678 Amsterdam edition of Giorgio de Sepi's description of Athanasius Kircher's Museum

With a translation of the Latin text by Anastasi Callinicos and Daniel Höhr, annotated by Jane Stevenson. Edited, with an afterword, by Peter Davidson

ISBN 978-0-91610-87-9, 172 pages / index / 10 x 15 in. / the fascimile includes 28 illustrations and 7 folio-size foldouts (28 3/4" x 18")

Athanasius Kircher's catalogue of the prodigious early museum (a Wunderkammer or cabinet of curiosities) which he assembled and arranged at the Roman College of the Society of Jesus was completed by his assistant Giorgio de Sepi for publication in 1678. This publication, with many expertly-engraved illustrations, is one of the most sumptuous and most curious examples of high baroque book production. It has memorable images of exotic birds and animals, of one of the first magic-lanterns or projected images, its text hints at the presence of machines which are little short of computers, it also illustrates numerous wonderful machines, be those clockwork automata, chiming and ambulant clocks, or multiplying and distorting mirrors. It is perhaps most famous for the exceptionally lavish fold-out plates of Roman obelisks which it contains, each page dedicated to one of the obelisks re-discovered in baroque Rome or new obelisks with pseudo-hierolgyphics by Kircher, devised according to his own scheme of interpretation of hieroglyphics as pictograms or, in baroque practice, emblems or impresa.


How the Jesuits Survived Their Suppression: The Society of Jesus in the Russian Empire (1773-1814)

Edited and translated by Daniel L. Schlafly

ISBN 978-0-916101-83-1, xvii 305 pages / index / 10 x 7 in. / 65 b/w and color images

From its founding in 1540, the Society of Jesus has been one of the most important religious orders in the Catholic Church. However, it almost vanished from the pages of history when Pope Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits worldwide on July 21, 1773, with the brief Dominus ac Redemptor. Catherine the Great of Russia saved the Society almost singlehandedly. She protected the 201 Jesuits she had acquired in 1772 with the First Partition of Poland and insisted that they continue their apostolic work as Jesuits. How the Jesuits Survived Their Suppression: The Society of Jesus in the Russian Empire (1773-1814) examines this crucial, but little known, chapter of Jesuit history.


Art, Controversy, and the Jesuits: The Imago Primi Saeculi (1640)

Edited by John W. O’Malley, S.J.

Early Modern Catholicism and the Visual Arts Series, Vol. 12

ISBN 978-0-91610-184-8, 771 pages / index / 13 x 9 in. / 466 b/w and color images

In 1640 the Society of Jesus observed the centenary of its founding with elaborate celebrations worldwide. The most lasting monument from the occasion is the Imago primi saeculi Societatis Iesu, a magnificent volume of 952 folio-sized pages of poetry, prose, and 127 exquisite copperplate engravings published by the prestigious Plantin-Moretus Press, Antwerp, in a Latin edition, followed later that year by a Dutch adaptation. No other book better reveals Jesuit self-understanding at the moment when the order had achieved its mature form. The ink was hardly dry on its pages before it became an object of controversy, one of the first volleys in the bitter Jesuit/Jansenist culture war that divided French Society for a century and that contributed to the papal suppression of the Jesuits in 1773.


Crimson and Gray: The Red-Tailed Hawks of Saint Joseph's University

McCann, Michael P. & Dixon, Christopher O.

ISBN: 978-0-916101-82-4, 54 pages / index / 11 7/8 x 12 in. / 47 color images

This book documents a year in the life of two red-tailed hawks, Crimson and Gray, on the Saint Joseph's University campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Crimson and Gray established a territory, built a nest, and successfully hatched two eyasses (young hawks) who became known as Iggy and Swoop. The nearly 50 photos (mostly taken by the university's archivist, Christopher Dixon) are supplemented with seven chapters of text.  These address topics ranging from the biology of red-tailed hawks to the intersection of Ignatian spirituality and the natural world.


Jerome Nadal, S.J.

ISBN: 978-0-916101-62-6, 196 pp. / 8 x 12 in. / 25 images in color.

This volume brings to completion the "Nadal project" undertaken by Saint Joseph's University Press that makes available the sections of Jerome Nadal's Annotations and Meditations on the Gospels (1595, with a second edition the same year and a third in 1607) corresponding to the three major seasons of the liturgical year (Advent and Christmas, Lent, and Easter): Vol. 1: The Infancy Narratives (2003), Vol. 2: The Passion Narratives (2007), and Vol. 3: The Resurrection Narratives (2005). This cumulative index to these three volumes is divided into four parts: Index of Persons, Scriptural Index, Index of Subjects, and Iconographical Index.


Edited by Roberto M. Ribeiro with John W. O'Malley, S.J.

Early Modern Catholicism and the Visual Arts Series, Vol. 11

ISBN: 978-0-916101-181-7, hardcover, 172 pages / index / 8 1/2 x 13 1/4 in. / 18 images 42 maps in color.

In the early 1700s, Jesuit missionaries in China persuaded Emperor Kangxi to employ them to map his vast empire. Thus was launched the most extensive, scientifically based cartographic undertaking in the history of the world up to that time. Jesuit Mapmaking in China tells the fascinating story of that undertaking and the story of the subsequent struggle to have the maps published. It then reproduces the maps themselves as they appeared in a pirated edition in The Hague. This book will appeal to everyone interested in the history of China, the history of the Jesuits, and the history of cartography.


by Marilyn Aronberg Lavin.

Early Modern Catholicism and the Visual Arts Series, Vol. 10

ISBN: 978-0-916101-79-4, hardcover, viii 238 pages / index / 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. / 207 color images.

The Netherlandish Canticum Canticorum is a late 15th-century blockbook ordinarily bound with larger, more impressive, and better known blockbooks, particularly the Biblia Pauperum and the Speculum Humanae Salvationis. An Allegory of Divine Love offers the first art-historical analysis of the Canticum Canticorum, Latin for Song of Songs, as an independent work of art of the highest caliber: rather than the end of a long Gothic tradition, it is revealed as a major work of Early Renaissance art, full of beautiful compositions, original ideas, and an intellectual challenge to a devoted, reading public.


by Celenza, Anna Harwell & DelDonna, Anthony R.

Early Modern Catholicism and the Visual Arts Series, Vol. 9

ISBN: 978-0-916101-80-0, hardcover, 229pp index, 33 b/w and color images.

Music as Cultural Mission: Explorations of Jesuit Practices in Italy and North America elucidates how the performing arts have played a seminal role in the cultural mission of the Society of Jesus. Drawing on unpublished archival documents, music, and dramatic texts performed in Italy and North America over the last four centuries, the volume features the work of leading scholars in Italy and the United States and offers a broad view of the Jesuits' influence on musical and theatrical practice.


by Felix Burda-Stengel, Introduction by Hans Belting

Early Modern Catholicism and the Visual Arts Series, Vol. 8

ISBN: 978-0-916101-78-7, hardcover, 179pp index, 95 b/w and color images.

A translation of a monograph originally published in German, this is the first book-length study in English of the Jesuit lay brother and artist Andrea Pozzo (1642-1709). The author brings together two very different art worlds -- Pozzo's baroque illusionist painting and the contemporary video art of Bill Viola, Bruce Nauman, and Gary Hall -- by focusing on the observer's standpoint, perspective, and change of perspective when moving, leaving the standpoint behind and adopting another.


Acting on Faith: The Confraternity of the Gonfalone in Renaissance Rome

by Barbara Wisch and Nerida Newbigin

Early Modern Catholicism and the Visual Arts Series, Vol. 7

ISBN: 978-0-916101-74-9, cloth hardcover, 512pp index and bibliography, 269 color images.

This study is the first integrated, interdisciplinary work devoted to the oldest confraternity (lay religious brotherhood) in Renaissance Rome. It reconstructs the churches, chapels, ospedali, and private oratory where the brethren worshiped, as well as the festivities that enlivened them.

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The Art of Painting in Colonial Quito El arte de la pintura en Quito colonial

Edited by Suzanne L. Stratton-Pruitt, Organized by Judy de Bustamante

Early Modern Catholicism and the Visual Arts Series, Vol. 6

ISBN: 978-0-916101-69-5, cloth hardcover with dust jacket, 352pp index, 12.5 x 9.5 inches, 231 color images.

This bilingual edition focuses on the heritage of painting in colonial Quito with new research and new photography of previously unpublished paintings.

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Metropolitan Paradise: The Struggle for Nature in the City
Philadelphia's Wissahickon Valley 1620-2020
by David R. Contosta and Carol Franklin
Metropolitan Paradise: The Struggle for Nature in the City
2010 David R. Coffin Publication Grant - Foundation for Landscape Studies
2011 Professional Award in Communications - American Society of Landscape Architects

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